Ediacara fossils at Arkhangelsk region

The Russian Ediacara Fossils are mainly been found on the White See, Arkhangelsk Region. One of the most interesting sites is located relative close to the City of Severodvinsk, about 5 km south of city diversion dam on at the Solza River. The most Vendian fossils we see these days on the market seems to origin from this locality on the Solza Riv er Banks. Other locality s for Vendian Fossils from this region are the banks of the Karakhta River approximately 2 km upstream from the road from Severodvinsk to Onega. An other Site is on the coast of the white see near the Zimnegorsk lighthouse.


Paleogeographical these sites belong to the eastern flank of the Baltic shield.
As geological age for these eossils is usually the Verkhovka Fm. with  about 600 Million years refereed.
But also the Ust Pinega Formation (Valdai serries, Redekino Horriziont) is in use.
The Stratigraphical information in the literature is quite inhomogeneous. As the Correlation table below shows.

Vendian System of the White See

(East European Platform)

Kalberg, 1590 Krivtsov, 1958 Solontsov et al., 1970 Stankovsky, 1965 – 1985 Grazhdankin 2003
Yagry  Fm. Lyubim Fm. Mezen Fm. Mela Beds  Erga
Zimnie Gory Fm. Eophyton Beds Erga Beds
Blue Clay Ust Pinega Fm. Kizhmol Sub Fm. Ust Pinega Fm. Zimnie Gory Beds Zimnie Gory Fm.
Super-Laminarites Beds Vaizitsa Beds Verkhovka Fm.
Laminarites Fm, Syuzma Beds
Verkhovka Fm. Teksa Sub Fm. Verkhovka Beds
Arkhangelsk Fm. Ust-Pinega
Arkhangelsk Beds Lyamtsa Fm.
Lyamtsa Fm. Lyamtsa Sub Fm. Lyamtsa Beds
Tamitsa Beds

Some Ediacara Fossils from the White See region.


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