Month: July 2015

Ediacara fossils at Arkhangelsk region

The Russian Ediacara Fossils are mainly been found on the White See, Arkhangelsk Region. One of the most interesting sites is located relative close to the City of Severodvinsk, about 5 km south of city diversion dam on at the Solza River. The most Vendian fossils we see these days on the market seems to […]

Fossils at Hienheim

Hienheim Fossils In Hienheim it is all about fossil Brittle Stars.   The most Hienheim Fossils are Echinoderms everything else is rare. The old Quarry of Hienheim is in the age and general setting relative similar to Solnhofen. It is slightly younger. But represent are more shallow environment.  In general the stone can not be […]

Fossils at Ded Hill.

Fossils from the classical Czech Site of Ded Hill. The classical fossil site of the Ded Hill offers some remarkelbly well preserved specimens from the upper Ordovician (Sandbian). It is also a true Konservat Lagerstaette with soft body fossils. Articulated fossils are very rare from this locality, even more rare are specimens in soft tisue […]